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Starlink app updated to help SpaceX find clear skies

As part of a recent software update, SpaceX’s Starlink app has been enhanced to make it easier to find clear patches of sky and monitor connection outages. Additionally, a dark mode has been added to the app’s user interface.

Despite the app improvements, SpaceX reported yesterday that its open beta phase, “better than nothing” so far, has 90,000 active users across 12 countries.

An updated Starlink app makes clear skies easier for SpaceX

According to SpaceX‘s Apple App Store changelog, this “completely updated and renovated” version will allow you to scan your surroundings for obstacles before installing a Starlink terminal.

The app has been updated in its previous version, which required users to scan their surroundings with their phones. However, the new version generates a small dome around the Starlink dish, which overlays potential obstructions in different colors. There was a lot of positive feedback on Reddit.

New outage logs show usage, latency, and uptime data related to Starlink service drops in this update, so users can track how frequently the service drops.

It has launched roughly 1,650 Starlink satellites since 2019 (after some were de-orbited) making it the world’s largest satellite operator.

On Monday, Starlink told the Federal Communications Commission (PDF) that the service currently has around 90,000 active users, including both individual households and government organizations like schools, towns, and fire departments.

The prospect of Starlink, a massive internet-from-space service, upending the market for ground-based broadband fiber may be tantalizing, but the company has a long way to go, as we noted in our May review. The SpaceX Starlink app has been updated a few times since then, but the Monday update is the largest.

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