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Spotify’s iOS app will now support AirPlay 2 streaming


Spotify’s iOS support will not be impacted by AirPlay 2 – the gloom and doom were a bit premature.

Company has ‘clarified’ its plans and will indeed support AirPlay 2 streaming, according to iMore. The digital music giant hasn’t yet stated when this feature will be available, but promised updates as soon as they become available.

According to a representative, AirPlay 2 isn’t feasible due to compatibility issues with audio drivers. They said the concept wasn’t completely ruled out, but it wasn’t viable in the near future.

Even with Spotify’s follow-up statement, we shouldn’t expect a quick turnaround for the feature. It is still possible, however, to be reassured.

Streaming music to HomePods and other Apple devices will become easier with AirPlay 2, which supports Apple’s media technology but has limited or nonexistent integration with Spotify.

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