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Spotify will enable employees to work almost anywhere

Spotify banner

For many companies, switching to working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic will be temporary, but like Twitter, Facebook, and Microsoft, Spotify seems to accept remote work for a long time. It announced a “work anywhere” program, through which employees can set up stores anywhere.

Once it is safe to work again, or mostly from home or almost anywhere with a good Internet connection), it depends on whether the employee risks going to the office. If they choose a location where there is no Spotify office nearby, the company will set up shared workspace members for them. Spotify calls this move “a new way of collaboration that allows Spotifier to work from its best ideas and creativity.”

Spotify banner
Spotify banner

After the program starts in the summer, employees will need to chat with managers and teams to figure out how often they visit the office. However, based on time zone requirements and “Regional Substance Law”, there will be some restrictions on location.

Spotify is aligning with several other major technology companies to adopt a remote work culture. Salesforce just issued a similar announcement. It will provide greater flexibility when arranging timetables and allow most employees to work from home for at least part of the week.

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