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Spotify Web Player Leaks Another view on car Things


Spotify’s highly anticipated car gadget  Spotify Web Player a voice-controlled music player, commonly known as Car Thing has just appeared in a handful of in-app renderings excavated by MacRumors contributor Steve Moser, who found these in Spotify’s application code image.

The Verge reported in January: “These renderings closely match the actual transaction photos submitted as part of the filing of Federal Communications.”

Thanks to these renderings, we can more clearly observe the improved Spotify Web Player Car Thing design, which includes a large knob on the right, a color screen, and four buttons on the top. When the product was officially announced in 2019, the official company rendered a smaller screen from behind.


However, the design of Spotify Web Player has since been closed to the smart display style, considering that it is now more similar to the miniature infotainment screen in modern vehicles, so this makes sense.

In addition to various installation designs that connect devices to different parts of the dashboard, these new renderings are also displayed on the screen and possible interface designs.

There is no indication as to when Spotify plans to officially launch the product. The company detailed its new Hi-Fi streaming layer at the February event. No new information appeared or disappeared on the Car Thing during the event.

The device was released in 2019 as a test product. Help Spotify Web Player better understand the user’s listening habits while on the go.

Therefore, there is no official product name, planned release date, or other information to indicate whether it can enter consumers’ cars from Spotify’s test lab. However, the updated design, FCC filing, and current in-app rendering indicate that the product may develop.

Source Link: Spotify leaks another look at the Car Thing, this time from within in its own app

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