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Spotify now offers a Netflix Hub for all your soundtrack needs


You listened to a cool song on a Netflix show, and you want to hear it again? You can do that with Spotify. Netflix launched a dedicated Netflix Hub on Tuesday, a collection of music from Netflix shows and films.

Music from popular television series such as Stranger Things, Narcos: Mexico, Squid Game, and La Casa de Papel, as well as movies including The Harder They Fall, can be found on the site. 

The latter is offered through Spotify’s “enhanced album experience,” which even offers videos featuring Jay-Z, the producer of the film.

Both free and premium Spotify users can access Netflix Hub by searching for “Netflix” in the Spotify search bar. It is not available in all regions; only in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, and India.

Credit: Spotify

Spotify says Netflix Hub was designed to satisfy demand from users, who are creating their own playlists related to TV and movies. According to Spotify, more than 22,500 playlists have been created as a result of the Squid Game.

Spotify promises that Netflix Hub will be updated often with new content. There is no word on when it will be available in other regions besides those listed above.

It should be noted that the Netflix Hub is not the only Spotify experience of its kind. Disney already has the Disney Hub, launched in 2019 that features music from popular Disney movies and TV shows.

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