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Spotify HiFI

Spotify HiFi is a lossless streaming layer launched later this year

Spotify is using high-fidelity audio called “HiFi”. It took longer than competitors such as Tidal and Amazon Music, but today, the leading subscription music service announced a new lossless streaming layer that will enable listeners to make the most of their digital music library. The news was released at the company’s Spotify virtual event.

Spotify HiFi will be available later this year. “Music will be played to your device and Spotify Connect-enabled speakers in CD-quality lossless audio format. This means that fans will be able to enjoy their favorite tracks while experiencing greater Depth and clarity.”

In the past, Spotify conducted small-scale tests on high-quality streaming, but now it will release the feature more widely-but be aware that the feature is only available in “specific markets.” The price has not yet been announced.

Spotify HiFI
Spotify HiFI

Higher-quality streaming media has clearly become the top requirement of its customers. According to the current situation, Spotify’s audio output has reached the highest level of 320kbps.

Amazon launched Amazon Music HD in 2019. The lossless package costs $14.99 per month (Prime customers charge $12.99 per month), which is much higher than the standard Amazon Music Unlimited service.

Tidal has supported high-resolution audio from the beginning, and the price of the “Hi-Fi” plan is slightly higher than $19.99 per month. Tide provides the so-called “Tide Master” that can even exceed high-resolution 96 kHz/24-bit audio. Smaller services such as Qobuz are also trying to attract audiophiles through lossless streaming.

On the other hand, although Apple sells very high-end AirPods Max headphones, Apple Music still lacks any kind of lossless streaming layer.

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