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Spatial Voice is Roblox’s first voice-chat feature 2021


Roblox is expanding voice chat by offering an invitation-only beta of a feature it’s calling “Spatial Voice” to select developers.

According to Manuel Bronstein, Roblox’s chief product officer, “with Spatial Voice, creators can test developing simple conversations in a realistic way, mirroring the way people listen to and respond to the world around them every day.” 

Considering the description, it sounds like Spatial Voice will mimic the way sound carries in reality, requiring players to be near each other to converse.

The Roblox Spatial Voice is a first-of-a-kind voice-chat feature

If Roblox introduces voice chat of any kind, children are immediately worried about how Company will moderate conversations. According to TechCrunch, Company plans to roll out the feature slowly, giving access to 5,000 developers at first, all of whom will be at least 13 years old. According to Bronstein, the company may never give access to kids in an interview with TechCrunch.


Roblox will allow users to self-report issues for moderation. As Bronstein explained in his blog post, “Our community will self-regulate, flagging users who violate community standards, and removing them from the experience or removing their speaking privileges,” if they do. A tool like this could help root out the bad guys, but it places the burden of reporting on the users.

TechCrunch reports that Company will also launch voice chat so you can chat with your friends anywhere in company. If you’ve ever hung out with your buddies on Discord, where you can be playing different games but still remain in the same voice channel, that is what it’s like.

As company acquires Guilded, which it acquired in August, it appears to be a step towards offering a broader range of voice chats. Despite the fact that company’s voice work predates the acquisition, TechCrunch reports that Guilded will underpin future voice projects in Company.

Roblox could make it easier for it to compete with other metaverse-oriented games like Fortnite by adding voice chat, as well as become an even more popular hangout spot. However, Roblox seems to be trying to get ahead of the challenges voice chat could present to its platform by taking this approach.

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