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SpaceX has launched a second Dragon capsule to the space station

NASA and SpaceX

SpaceX successfully launched the latest mission to the International Space Station using the upgraded Dragon capsule, which will be docked with the space station.

SpaceX launched its latest batch of cargo and supplies to the International Space Station, but the spacecraft used by the company is slightly different from past supply missions. SpaceX is flying its newly upgraded Dragon capsule to transport cargo to space, and the company has been using this vehicle to take astronauts to the space station.

SpaceX has been supplying the space station since 2012. For the previous 20 missions, the company has used the original version of its Dragon capsule. However, SpaceX began to develop a new Dragon capsule to transport people to and from the ISS.

The carrier named “Crew Dragon” or “Dragon 2” took the first crew into space in May. With the new version being put into use, SpaceX decided not to use its old Dragon capsule, but to use the upgraded version to carry crew and cargo.

NASA and SpaceX

The Dragon 2 capsule has many upgrades based on its previous version; SpaceX says it can carry more than 50% of the scientific payload. The new Dragon can also automatically dock with the space station.

The previous version had to be docked: it will slowly approach the International Space Station, and the crew on the station will use a robotic arm to grab the incoming compartment and move it to the open docking port. Dragon 2 can dock and attach to the ISS without any help from humans.

The mission will provide supplies for the space station and astronauts, and will also bring some experiments to the International Space Station. They include the European Space Agency’s biological asteroids, which will test how microgravity affects biological mining (the process of extracting elements from rocks using microorganisms).

The mission will also conduct the first COVID-19 drug research experiment in space to try to improve the efficiency of the antiviral drug Remdesivir. The ship will also install Nanorocks’ commercial airlock module, which is basically a large metal cup attached to the outside of the ISS, designed to carry payloads and other materials from the pressurized environment of the ISS into space.

Once this space capsule arrives at the space station, it will no longer be the only dragon hanging on the International Space Station. On November 15, SpaceX used another Dragon capsule to launch four crew members to the International Space Station, and the capsule docked with the space station a day later.

This means that after the flight takes off, two dragons will be docked at the International Space Station. SpaceX’s head of flying dragon mission management Sarah Walker said at a pre-flight press conference: “This is the first time that two Dragons have appeared on the space station at the same time.” “At least until the end of 2021, this has indeed attracted the continued existence of Dragon. season.”

Due to weather conditions, the mission has been rescheduled, but it is now scheduled to be launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 11:17 am Eastern Time. SpaceX is using one of its second-hand Falcon 9 rockets for missions, which has previously flown three times.

In fact, this is the same rocket that launched SpaceX’s first two crew members to the station in May. After the flight, Falcon 9 will attempt to land on a SpaceX drone in the Atlantic Ocean. The Dragon capsule is expected to dock with the ISS on December 7.

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