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SpaceX crew-1 mission broke a Spacecraft Durability Record

The SpaceX crew-1 mission has again accurately to Earth — and shattered a report in the technique. NASA has confirmed that space crew-1 broke a record for the longest mission period for a crewed American spacecraft, with the Crew Dragon capsule Resilience lasting 168 days in orbit earlier than splashdown off the coast of Florida at 2:56 AM eastern.

The previous excellent was set returned in February 1974, when the remaining Skylab crew spent barely greater than 84 days on their mission.


NASA reiterated that this changed into additionally the first nighttime splashdown for a US crewed spacecraft due to the fact Apollo 8’s ocean touchdown in December 1968.

The fulfillment isn’t always completely unexpected when the spaces crew-1 crew was supposed to spend approximately six months engaging in experiments, spacewalks, and other activities aboard the worldwide space Station.

The recently docked crew-2 must be closing about as long. still, the completed mission is a considerable milestone. It indicates how much spaceflight has evolved in half of a century, and proves that private spacecraft are up to managing some of the extra annoying tasks of crewed trips.

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