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Sony’s Economical A7C can install the full-frame sensor in the new Compact body

Upcoming Sony A7C

Sony’s Economical A7C can install the full-frame sensor in the new Compact body

  • With 4K 30p video and built-in stabilization, it is aimed at YouTube creators.

Soon after the high-end, video-oriented A7S III was released, Sony introduced its latest full-frame mirrorless camera, moving in a completely different direction.

The A7C has a brand new compact body with an electronic viewfinder at the corner, so it looks more like the APS-C sensor A6600 model than any other A7 series camera to date.

It is also cheaper than any of the latest A7 full-frame cameras so far (though not by much).

Sony designed A7C for vloggers and YouTubers, so it has some good video-oriented features. It is light and small, weighing only 509 grams (including battery and memory card), while the A7 III is 650 grams and the A6600 is 503 grams.

It also has a 3-inch, 950K-dot fully articulated flip display (touch-focusable, but does not include menus) and a five-axis in-body stabilization function, which can reduce five times of jitter.

Sony A7C

With these, you can easily take it with you or do vlogging, and you can still shoot relatively smooth videos.

You can shoot full-frame 4K video at 30 fps or 1080p at 120 fps, and all videos are limited to 4:2:0 8-bit and 100Mbps bit rate. You can also get S-Log2 and S-Log3 records to maximize dynamic range.

Not bad, but Panasonic’s full-frame S5 can shoot 4K at 60 fps for only $200, and internally record 10K at 30 fps for 4K (with S-Log).

As you might expect, autofocus is your strength. It uses Sony’s ultra-fast hybrid phase-detection autofocus function, with 693 phase-detection points in full-screen mode.

You will also get Sony’s latest AI smart advertising features, including human and animal eye-tracking, object tracking, predictive control, and adjustable AF transition speed in movie mode.

If it can work like other Sony’s recent cameras, it should provide fast, near-perfect autofocus in movie and photo modes.

Upcoming Sony A7C

For photos, the A7C is not as fast as the A6600 (11 fps), but it matches the A7 III with a continuous shooting speed of up to 10 fps and continuous autofocus (14-bit RAW and JPEG).

However, the effect of the EVF is not as good as the A7 III, which has an OLED viewfinder with 2.36 million dots compared to 3.6 million dots.

Consider that the camera is designed for video, but for most users, this should not be a problem.

Using the same NP-FZ100 battery as the A6600, you can use the viewfinder to get 680 photos, or the LCD monitor to get 740 photos-close to the A6600, which is perfect for full-frame cameras.

There is only one card slot, but thankfully, it supports fast UHS-II cards. This means you can capture up to 45 uncompressed RAW frames, 115 compressed RAW, or 215 JPEGs.

The A7C also has a USB-C type 3.2 port that can charge the battery, an HDMI mini port, and headset and microphone ports.

All in all, A7C is an interesting and unexpected member of the A7 series. It looks like A6600, but it has the sensors of A7 III and many functions.

It also adds A7S III’s fully clear display for a vlogger. It is priced at $1,800, which is $200 cheaper than the A7 III when it was launched, but it is still not as accurately called “entry-level” as the $1,400 Nikon Z5.

The body price of the A7C is only US$1,800, while Sony’s new very compact FE 28-60mm f/4-5.6 lens costs US$2,100. It should accept reservations soon, and we will release it in the US as soon as possible.

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