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Sony will close online PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita

PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita

A PlayStation of a certain age is about to not function properly. Sony has confirmed that the online stores of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable will be permanently closed on July 2, 2021. The PlayStationVita store will follow suit on August 27. The closure means that by the end of the summer, the PlayStation brand will not have any real mobile hardware.

Sony announced the news on its PlayStation support site and confirmed a report published in early March. However, this is not all. Confirmation at least makes people know that the digital goods they already own will not linger.

The support page states that on all three devices, users “can still download and play” games and video content they have already purchased. This is also true for games or any old redemption codes that PlayStation Plus may have, and PS Plus games that have previously been declared as part of a valid subscription.

PlayStation 3, PSP and Vita
PlayStation 3, PSP, and Vita

This is particularly noteworthy because many people have speculated after the earlier report that closing the store will mean ending the use of certain games.

PS3, PSP, and PS Vita have released a lot of things, which are simply not available anywhere else. For Vita, there is almost no chance to make some of its touch screen-related games appear again on PlayStation devices.

In recent years, Sony has not shown the willingness to compete in the field of mobile games. Today, the field of mobile games has almost been constrained by smartphones and tablets. Nintendo is one of the only three-game console manufacturers in cooperation with Sony and Microsoft that has discovered the evolving gaming technology.

The newly updated support site answers a lot of questions, so if you want to learn more, you can definitely check it out. The release time of this news also means that people who own any of these three devices have months of preparation time to prepare for the final game. Who knows, maybe one day some of these lost games will surface on Sony’s cloud gaming service such as Stadia, PlayStation Now.

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