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Sony wh-1000xm4 Headphone Review – Best Price at $350

Sony wh-1000xm4

The predecessor of the Sony wh-1000xm4 headset is recognized as the best ear-hook headset at a reasonable price. Therefore, the biggest problem is indeed what the new headset brings.

People who are looking for a new headset are excited, while those who recently bought another pair of headsets are disappointed. in a matter of fact, Sony wh-100xm4 is the best headphone were announced of the other week.

No, if you are still hanging there, there is no need to rush to upgrade. If you own WH-1000XM3, congratulations. You bought a very good pair of headphones-rightly helped Bose get rid of the troubles of being a frequent default buyer for a long time.

Sony increases do maintain Sony’s position as the champion of noise reduction, Bluetooth headsets on wh-1000XM4 is hard to beat. The first earphones were fully formed when they entered the world. Two years later, this update is more like an improvement to a great product ever from sony.

Sony wh-1000xm4

I appreciate the relatively simple Bose Quiet Comfort model. To be honest, when it comes to long-distance flights, the less flashy the better. However, The new sony’s headphones look more or less the same as the previous ones. For your money, they are not the most eye-catching pair of in-ear headphones.

The new unit has more padding and is very comfortable. I’m talking about people who are sad for any reason wearing over-ear headphones. The headset is surprisingly lightweight-a a few years ago.

Another factor that allows almost uninterrupted use is the ability to pair the system with two devices at the same time. Frankly speaking, this is a major pain point of many headsets I have used recently, requiring users to enter the device settings and manually select the headset.

Using the iOS app, I paired the M4 to the top of the phone and desktop and can switch seamlessly between various sources. How liberated you will be, it will surprise you. Just make sure that your sound level is comparable on every device, otherwise, you will be too numerous to list.

Like the M3, the sound quality is also excellent, providing complete audio images regardless of genre. The sound is indeed comparable to the previous model, and it is not bad.

Sony wh-1000xm4 new Design

Nura’s truly outstanding sound configuration technology is still the top spot for me, but these new Sonys provide excellent audio for a pair of everyday headphones.

  • However, the real core is Sony’s excellent noise reduction function. This feature is M3’s real secret weapon against Bose’s dominance.
  • The new model detects the ambient sound approximately 700 times per second through the system-on-chip, and actively adjusts this, thereby increasing its advantage. The system also has the function of adding a noise cancellation optimizer.
  • On the surface, this function is similar to noise optimization on other systems.
  • Press and hold the button and it will send an audio signal to your ears and make sounds similar to the quality of the seal and atmospheric pressure (mainly used in airplanes) to provide a more customized contour.
  • It brings some really good noise reduction effects and an overall excellent audio experience.

There are many other nice features throughout the process, which may not be helpful in your particular situation. For example, I found that I immediately disabled the “Talk to Chat” feature, which pauses playback while you are talking.

In theory, this is a nice feature, but I live alone, so the only trigger condition is that I cough, laugh or unconsciously find myself singing to music. However, for my own needs, a more useful feature is that when you cover the right earmuff with your hand, the ambient sound will be emitted.

New Sony Headphone

The ambient sound sent through the microphone into the headset still sounds a little unnatural, but it can indeed solve the problem.

Adapting to the increase in noise according to the familiar location is a good choice, but it is not worth the trouble for me-especially in these days, I leave the apartment for much less time than I allow. Besides, I don’t like seeing the location tracking icon in the corner of iOS 11.

Google Assistant and Alexa are also built-in, but again, there are not many features I tend to use in a pair of headphones. I want to say that I also turned them off to save battery, but the declared life is 30 hours, I am really good in this regard.

At the same time, charging via USB-C will bring you an impressive 5 hours of playback in about 10 minutes.

Their price is $350, which is the same as the previous price, that is, the price is not cheap. However, it is difficult for you to find a better pair of wireless earphones in their class.

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