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Sony May be Building a new PSVR Headset

Sony May be Building a new PSVR Headset baeread

We already know that PS5 will be backward compatible with existing PSVR headsets and its matching game software, but it is uncertain whether the PSVR hardware itself will be upgraded with it and launch something like PSVR2.

If Bloomberg‘s report is true, Sony is indeed working on a new version of the virtual headset, which is expected to debut after the PS5 goes on sale.

It is not clear whether the so-called “new version” will be a small upgrade of the existing PSVR or will it be brand new hardware.

In 2017, Sony had a small update to PSVR, adding fixation of the headphone cable and solving problems related to HDR playback. Considering that at least four years have passed between the original PSVR’s release and the launch of this new machine.

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          It seems that the probability of a small update is relatively small. If so, it should be a newly designed model, right?

Sony May be Building a new PSVR Headset baeread

In any case, the resolution of PSVR (single-eye 1080 x 960) compared with a 100-degree viewing angle and existing PC-based VR devices has become somewhat inadequate.

A large update may be necessary to inject a little vitality into the PSVR ecosystem. After all, the growth of the ecosystem needs to stimulate developers to build games for them and consumers’ purchasing desires. This is not easy!

***************  Source: Bloomberg ************

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