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Social media giant finally treats Trump like the rest of us

Social media Gaints

It happens very slowly-then all at once. Has the technology against Donald Trump finally arrived? Let’s take a look at the statistics: Donald Trump has been a Twitter user since March 2009. He has been President of the United States since January 20, 2017.

On most days, he is free to roam on social media, share offensive and inflammatory comments, posts, and tweets, and often retweet conspiracy theorists. But for most of Trump’s time as president, Trump was protected by the identity of the president.

The platform stated that his statement was very newsworthy and it was in the public interest to interfere with their remarks. Then something changed. On the 1165th day of President Trump’s life, Twitter began to report his tweets-one case was “beautiful violence”, and the other was the spread of misinformation about postal votes.

Social media Gaints

Trump, long eager to fight back, signed an executive order to try to reduce the protection that social media platforms rely on to protect them from lawsuits related to the content posted on his website.

However, Trump’s move is not enough to prevent the drip irrigation of social media sites from deciding that they have had enough. On 1,231 days, Snap’s parent company, Snap, announced that it would no longer promote the president’s account on its discovery page because of incitement to “racial violence and injustice”.

On day 1,254, Facebook canceled the Trump campaign ad, which appeared to use a Nazi image, and announced that it would start marking any presidential posts that it believed violated the rules. Facebook’s decision was made after its hate speech policy was strongly opposed by more and more advertisers.

Now, on day 1258, the popular streaming service Twitch temporarily suspended the presidential campaign account for “hateful behavior.”

Not only the president, although he is the most striking example, it may also be the discerning right-wing instigator on social media sites. At the same time, YouTube also defeated several other prominent right-wing and right-wing figures, including Richard K. Spencer and Ku Klux Klan’s former head David Duke.

Social media Gaints

Today, Reddit also suspended the infamous pro-Trump subreddit r / The_Donald for “frequent violations of the rules.” The organization has an average of 7,780 users and 790,000 subscribers per day. It is considered a bastion of pro-Trump conspiracy theories, as well as racism, racial aversion, and Islamophobic content.

Looking at the consequences of the president’s social media actions, this rebound is undoubtedly a turning point. Twitter may not be the most active user of all popular social media sites-according to MuckRack.

Twitter has 386 million monthly active users (AMU), while Facebook has 2.6 million monthly active users but it is a popular website, With many well-known media figures, its company decisions have a huge influence.

Twitter’s actions masked the need for other platforms to take the steps they have long been forced to take, including curbing hate speech, especially hate speech from the top.

Similarly, if Snap starts to promote its account again, or Facebook stops reviewing its content, this will make Trump and his supporters like to peddle the narrative more powerfully: they have defeated a prejudiced and malicious social media monster, and they are better than confrontation Their machines are more powerful.

So, in the end, is the president finally relegated to the level of the rest of us? Even if we have an uneven implementation of the accountability system, we are responsible for what we say in public.

That dripping drop of water has turned into a tsunami, and it remains to be seen whether many of the less salty elements on these platforms can be washed away eventually.

Just like the controversy surrounding “cancellation of culture,” this will only work if the rules continue to apply to Trump. Twitter should not start tagging his tweets and then mysteriously stop.


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