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Snapchat will host the latest clone of Among Us

Among Us

Among Us has inspired a number of copycat games since it blew up last year. With SnapChat exclusive ReVamp, Zynga is taking the social media world by storm. This is the first game on Snapchat that utilizes social deception, Zynga claims.

Fortnite’s Imposters mode does not seem to be such an egregious copy of Among Us as this copy. The formula remains unchanged, but the format is slightly altered.

In order to renovate an old mansion, six players will do tasks like demolition and building (rather than 10). But they aren’t the only ones with enemies.

Players are divided into two groups, each with a vampire who performs fake tasks and kills other players. As humans investigate the vampires, they will vote them out as well.

“We are excited to continue our collaboration with Snap on the creation of fun snackable games that take advantage of the social networking capabilities of their platform,” said Bernard Kim, Zynga’s president of publishing. With Revamp, Snapchat players of all skill levels can experience the social deception game genre in a brand new way.”

Among Us

A limited number of markets will soon be able to access ReVamp. The game is Zynga’s third Snapchat exclusive.

Prior to this release, the developer released Tiny Royale and Bumped Out for Snapchat. PUBG: Battlegrounds and Fortnite have popularized the battle royale genre.

Among Us
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