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Snap is buying a company that’s created an AR display for its new spectrum


Snap is determined to protect the technology behind its specs with an explicit augmented reality. The Verge has confirmed that Snap has purchased WaveOptics, the company responsible for Spectrum’s AR display. 

The deal is worth more than $ 500 million, but will not prevent WaveOptics from supplying its waveguides to other companies, even as it develops new components for Snap.

The purchase is Snap’s biggest ever and reflects the company’s commitment to wearable AR. It has been developing the spectrum over the years, with three generations of publicly available (if sometimes difficult) models. 

Image: Via Veriety

This suggests that Snap has no intention of slowing down growth at any point, and it could increase things.

There is also a defensive motivation at work, The Verge notes. Apple bought waveguide marker Akonia to assist expand its long-lasting AR headset in 2018, even as Facebook and Google are developing their own waveguides for destiny AR glasses. 

Snap’s deal prevents WaveOptics from falling into the hands of a rival that would immediately cease external sales.

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