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Sling TV announces a completely redesigned app, and it looks great

Sling TV

Compared to competitors such as YouTube TV and Hulu, Sling TV has never been the most attractive app, and the overall user experience leaves something to be desired.

 It is quite easy to ignore these flaws as Sling TV underperforms those rivals on price, but today the company announced a completely redesigned app that focuses on more polished and personalized recommendations.

The new Sling TV app is rolling out to the first “select customers” using Amazon’s Fire TV devices, and other platforms will be added as the year expands. 

The company owned by Dish describes it as “the most comprehensive update in the history of Sling TV”. And based on the screenshot and GIF above, it looks like a significant change.

“After a year of talking to customers and working with our design and advanced engineering teams, we are delighted to introduce the new Sling TV app to deliver the best in live sports, news and entertainment at the same unbeatable low price point .Single TV’s group president Michael Schwimmer said in a press release.

The redesign comes with a lot of changes, including a left-hand navigation column and a new home screen that focuses on content recommendations.

Sling TV
ImageSource: USA Today

The Channel Guide has been “rethought” to make custom channels and filtering easier, although it will still be familiar to customers who want a traditional cable-like grid.

Sling TV’s Cloud DVR has now got its own tab, which will make it easier to sort your recordings. By default, the service comes with a 50-hour DVR space, but you can extend it to 200 hours for an additional $ 5 per month.

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