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Siri will be available on third-party devices

Since its introduction nearly a decade ago, Siri has only been available on Apple devices. This is set to change with the launch of Apple’s HomeKid update, which will allow third-party devices to use Siri.

An Ecobee thermostat was shown summoning Siri by Apple. However, based on the brief demonstration, it doesn’t appear that the third-party devices will appear as full-featured Siri devices.


The HomePod mini will send the request instead, as it will relay the command. It is specifically stated in Apple’s statement that third-party speakers won’t have access to Siri commands.

Siri may also function as a hub with other devices, such as Apple TV. If Apple’s event is over and the fine print comes out, we’ll know whether the original, now-discontinued HomePod can also be linked to third-party Siri devices.

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