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Siri and Google Assistant said they now support “Black Lives Matter”

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Now, when you ask questions like “Does black lives matter?”, The voice assistant will explain and express their support for the life problems of black people. Or “Is life important?” According to CNBC, both Apple’s Siri and Google’s assistants support the movement.

If you ask Siri, “Hey Siri, is black lives matter?”She said, “Yes, Blck Lives Matter.” Then there is the link to Ask the Google Assistant the same question, and you’ll get the answer: “Black lives matter. Black people should enjoy the same freedoms provided to everyone in the country, recognizing that the injustice they face is a step in solving this problem.

Black Lives Matter

Microsoft’s Cortana responds to “Do Black lives matter?” with “Yes. And Black Lives Matter is an important movement that’s shaping a national conversation about racism.”

These tips came after weeks of global protests caused by police officers killing George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Last week, the “Black Life Problems” movement gained attention and support, but it was not without the “All Lives Matter” rebuttal.

The voice assistant responded. When asked this question, Siri said: “‘All lives matter’ is often used to answer the phrase ‘black lives matter’, but it does not represent the same concern. To understand the human rights of black life For more information on sports, please visit”

Google’s response to “all life is essential” is “to say “black life is important” does not mean that all life is not. This means that black life is in danger in a way that others do not.”

Ask “Do all lives matter?” to Cortana will prompt Wikipedia to record entries about the slogan, which is now linked to criticism of the “black life problem” movement.

If you ask Amazon Alexa these questions, you will get almost the same answer.

“Balck Lives Matter”. I think people should be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect,” “I think everyone should be treated with fairness, dignity, and respect,” Alexa responded.

CNBC reported that Apple and Google’s updates were carried out last week, and according to reports, Microsoft’s response has been included for several years.

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