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Sea of Thieves is bringing Jack Sparrow to the 22nd of June

Jack Sparrow

Rare’s Sea of Thieves will bring to life Johnny Depp’s often-unhinged pirate Captain Jack Sparrow, from the Pirates of the Caribbean films. As part of its Xbox E3 2021 showcase, Microsoft featured a free Pirates expansion coming June 22nd.

In a blogpost, Microsoft said, “This campaign unfolds across five amazing tales packed with secrets and sidequests that players can play solo or with others.”

You must assist Jack Sparrow in escaping jail and avoid being chased by Davy Jones, the devilish villain from Pirates of the Caribbean. Aside from the iconic Sea of Thieves locations, you’ll find “memorable locations” from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise.

Jack Sparrow

“At the center of our story is an exploration of what it really is to be a pirate on the Sea of  Thieves, which has allowed us to not only tap into the deeper meaning of  the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and the original attraction, but also allow players to journey with Captain Jack Sparrow, allowing them to explore his perspective of the pirate life and the Sea of Thieves as well,” explained CEO Mike Chapman in a blog post

I enjoyed bringing these two worlds together and treating them both with a level of authenticity that felt natural and delightful.” – “This story propels the Sea of Thieves universe forward in unexpected ways.”

Jack Sparrow
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