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Samsung’s next foldable Phone may look like RAZR

Samsung Foldable Phone Camera

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold has dubious honors, it’s the first foldable phone that most readers can buy, but it won’t be the last. Last month, Motorola announced a vertical fold for its classic RAZR, while Samsung mocked that it might do something similar.

The image is circulating on Chinese social media on your phone, it looks like Samsung’s clamshell Galaxy Fold — you can immediately see it yourself above and below.Samsung Foldable Phone

There is no news of the internal specifications, but we can see the punch camera under the headset, and since there is no chin, the expanded screen can extend to the bottom. Both of these features are in line with the clamshell concept art at this year’s Samsung Developer Conference.

However, you may notice that, in contrast, it is reported that there will be five or so cameras going to Samsung’s Galaxy S11 next May, and the foldable camera seems to have only two main cameras.

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The leak also revealed several new features for Samsung’s next foldable product. Like the $ 1,500 RAZR, the device can also benefit from an external notification screen, but in a much smaller volume.

The top right corner of the phone has a volume rocker, and then a fingerprint reader. It’s unclear whether the flip will inherit the Galaxy Fold‘s dedicated power button. We also want to take a closer look at this hinge design-it looks sleeker than the RAZR packaging.Samsung Foldable Phone Camera

It will be interesting to see how Samsung positions it as a product. Will it be a full-featured flagship that matches its expensive foldable panel? Or will you delete a page from RAZR’s book and choose a more efficient mid-range chipset?

Earlier this month, the Korea Herald reported after an interview with analysts that the price of the next-generation Galaxy Fold is expected to be much cheaper than its predecessor, about $ 845, less than the current US device price ($ 1980) half. Since Motorola’s foldable razor product went on sale in January of this year, we have to add a little salt even though its mid-range price is $ 1499. For folding Samsung flagships, even $ 900 is pretty radical.

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