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Samsung’s new Galaxy Chromebook 2 has been cut by $100

Galaxy Chromebook 2

Samsung’s updated version of the Galaxy Chromebook 2 came out last month, and it brings more practicality and affordability to previously expensive luxury Chrome OS devices. Laptops usually start at $549, but now Samsung and Best Buy have reduced the price of the machine by $100.

The Intel Celeron version is priced at $449, while the Core i3 and the version we recommend for most people dropped to $599.

Galaxy Chromebook 2
Galaxy Chromebook 2

It is not easy to pay more than $1,000 on a Chromebook, and Samsung seems to have learned this from previous Galaxy Chromebooks. This new Galaxy Chromebook 2 removes some unnecessary features from the previous model and aims to be an attractive and efficient machine.

We like the overall design of the Chromebook 2-relatively light, only 2.2 pounds, and it looks sturdy but high-quality. If the eye-catching “fiesta red” is not your style, then mercury gray models are also available and not so show off.

It can be said that the most obvious difference between the previous model and the Chromebook 2 is the display-the latter gave up the 4K panel and chose a 1080p QLED touch screen, which may not be high-end, but it is still cute to use. And it won’t put too much burden on the battery of the machine-we managed to get nearly 12 hours of use time from the Chromebook 2.

Thanks to its convertible design, you can also use the Chromebook 2 as a tablet as needed. However, unlike previous Galaxy Chromebooks, this notebook does not come with a stylus but any Universal Stylus Initiative pen can be used, so you can easily hold a pen.

Overall, if you are looking for a high-quality Chromebook with sufficient style, power, and battery life as your host, the Galaxy Chromebook 2 is a good choice, especially at this promotional price.

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