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Samsung’s latest monitor is a smart TV with PC Functionality

Samsung New TV

Samsung has introduced a new type of all-in-one display, which the company believes can achieve multiple purposes in the “work from home” era. The device is called Smart Monitor for short, and its core is a Tizen-driven smart TV with PC functions.

This is the brand’s first smart TV with built-in WiFi, Bluetooth, and Wireless DeX functions. The display is also compatible with AirPlay 2, allowing you to share media such as videos, photos, and music from AirPlay devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Although you can use the device as a traditional monitor, you can use it to view, edit, and save Office 365 applications in the cloud without having to connect it to a PC or laptop.

However, if you have a Galaxy Note 20, you can turn it into a computer through the wireless Dex feature that comes with your phone.

Samsung New TV

When we tested the wireless Dex experience on mobile phones, we were not impressed with the wireless Dex experience-for example, when we used the Note 20 Ultra as a trackpad, there would be a lot of delay-but if you need, It might be good enough to quickly access the desktop.

Since the display is running Samsung’s Tizen operating system, you can use it like any other smart TV. It can access Netflix, Apple TV, Prime, Hulu, and YouTube, and you can download more apps through its embedded app store.

Smart Monitor will provide two models and three models: 27-inch and 32-inch M5 Full-HD models and 32-inch M7 Ultra HD models.

You can purchase the M5 model for $230 and $280, respectively, starting this month, and the M7 model will be available for $400 in early December.

They will be sold through Samsung’s website and multiple retailers in the United States.

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