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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip will Release with 12MP Main Camera

Galaxy Bloom

With the gradual approach of Samsung’s new product launch, Tencent Digital News will soon debut the new flip-screen folding phone Galaxy Z Flip (Bloom) has more information gradually surfaced.

According to reports from Korean media news, the three major operators in South Korea are negotiating with Samsung to obtain three color models exclusive to this new folding screen handset, including blue, red and pink.

At the same time, the main camera of the aircraft is also confirmed that it is not the legendary 100 MP, but 12 MP with the same specifications as the Samsung Note 10, is expected to land in the market as soon as mid-February.

Exclusive Local Colors

According to a report from the Korean media news, the three major Korean operators including SK Telecom, KT and LG UPlus are negotiating with Samsung to have the exclusive color model of the new Galaxy Z Flip, a new folding and folding screen gadget.

Galaxy Bloom

Among them, SK Telecom will enjoy the blue version exclusively, and KT and LG UPlus will get exclusive rights of red and pink, respectively. Of course, this is not the first time that South Korean operators have adopted such a “color marketing” model.

When the Samsung Note 10 came out last year, SK Telecom and KT each obtained blue and red exclusive sales rights, and won sales Vulgar grades.

Earlier, news from internal channels revealed that Samsung Galaxy Z Flip National Bank will have three color styles, including gold, black, and purple, so users who like red, pink, and blue styles can only count on Samsung.

If Samsung does plan to launch a 5G version of the new machine in the future, red, blue and pink may have a chance to debut together.

12 MP Main Camera

As for the main hardware specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, due to market positioning, it is not as outstanding as everyone thinks.

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              According to the source disclosed by @ ishanagarwal24 on Twitter, the new clamshell folding screen will be equipped with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED folding screen, with 256GB storage capacity, one UI2.1 system pre-installed, and 3300 or the 3500 mAh battery.

In terms of camera configuration, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will be equipped with a 10 MP front lens, while the rear camera will be a 12 MP main camera, instead of the rumored 100 MP camera in the past.

Although the sensor size and other information are not disclosed, it is expected to No difference on Samsung Note 10.

Besides, the gadget has determined that the processor will be Snapdragon 855+, which will provide 8 + 256GB storage combination and use UFS3.0 flash memory, and the battery is a dual-cell combination (930mAh + 2370mAh), confirming that it will support 15w Fast charging function.

Other Features and Price

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will also bring a new hinge design, which is equipped with hinge lock function, can be fixed at an angle of 70-110 degrees, with dust-proof function, you can also use the phone as a selfie stand, Can take selfie preview through the small window of the external screen.

In response to the rumors on the Internet that the new Samsung clamshell folding screen new gadget uses ultra-thin glass to replace the previous polyimide. The latest news from internal channels is that although it is called ultra-thin glass, it is still In the past, the polyimide material just improved the flatness.

It is reported that the design of this new clamshell folding screen is inspired by the Lancome powder box, the body weight is only 183 grams, plus the exclusive blue, pink and red styles by South Korean operators.

It should be a product launched specifically for female users However, it is a bit regrettable that it does not support 5G networks.

At present, Samsung Galaxy Z Flip version SM-F7000 has obtained 3C certification. It is expected to in the market as soon as mid-February, and the price may be around $900 US.

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