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Samsung’s Galaxy S21 Ultra has a new low-power OLED display

When Samsung launched the Galaxy S21 Ultra, it talked about how the screen of the device supports a refresh rate of 120Hz in both Full HD and Quad HD resolutions. However, what has not been said until now is that the S21 Ultra is the first device of the technology giant’s new low-power OLED display technology.

Samsung revealed that this flagship phone uses an OLED display, which can reduce power consumption by up to 16%.

OLED does not require a separate light source like other screen technologies but instead relies on organic carbon-based materials that emit visible light when energized.

Samsung has found a way to make electrons flow faster in the organic layer of the OLED, and the company said the display can “produce brighter light while consuming less power.”

Samsung Galaxy S21 OLED display baseread

5G devices generally consume more batteries than previous devices. In addition to the power requirements of the modem, the more advanced components of the new phone may also consume power.

People may also use their devices for video streaming more frequently than before because having a 5G connection makes it easier to watch shows and movies on the go.

Manufacturers can only increase the battery capacity of mobile phones to a certain extent, so new methods must be proposed to make devices more efficient.

Samsung explained that the display plane is “one of the most important components affecting the total power consumption of a smartphone.” Therefore, equipping S21 with low-power OLED technology can “significantly affect the use time of smartphones.”

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