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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro actual operation video leaked

Samsung’s upcoming true wireless earbuds Galaxy Buds Pro leaked again in the video of YouTuber Digital Slang. In addition to confirming the specifications of the earplugs and letting us know their real appearance, the video also made some first impressions of their performance.

The YouTuber stated that he obtained unannounced earplugs through a seller on Facebook, and according to SamMobile, others there are also selling these earplugs.

Echoing the previous report, Digital Slang stated that the earplugs are dustproof and waterproof to IPX7, support wireless charging, and have an active noise cancellation function.

There is also a transparent mode so that the wearer can hear surrounding sounds when wearing earplugs.

According to Digital Slang, the transparency mode of the earbuds is one of the best sounds he has heard from a pair of earbuds, but the ability to cancel noise is lower than that provided by Apple’s AirPods Pro.

The video hands-on operation adds many details about the earplug leakage in the past month. Since WalkCat leaked the spec sheet, we saw renderings, 3D animations, and it was even said to cost $199.

The battery life is obviously up to 8 hours longer than the headset itself, and can be extended to 28 hours when paired with the charging box, which is similar to the specifications of Samsung’s previous true wireless headset “Galaxy Buds Live”.

All signs indicate that Galaxy Buds Pro will be unveiled at Samsung’s next Unpacked event, which is now officially scheduled to be held on January 14.

Other devices expected at this event include the Galaxy S21 series of smartphones and Samsung’s tile-like tracking devices.

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