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Samsung’s Foldable Phone Can Beat the Galaxy S11

Samsung Foldable Phone

We have been around for some time, and Samsung also plans to launch another non-traditional foldable smartphone in early 2020. No doubt this can retain the general experimental nature of the original Galaxy Fold, but the world’s largest mobile device vendor aims to make the entire foldable concept easier to use for the general public in several key ways.

In addition to a fundamentally reimagined design, Samsung is reportedly planning to significantly reduce prices.

A well-known Korean publication claims that the tech giant’s “clamshell” response to Motorola’s reborn Razr is scheduled to go on sale in local stores before the Galaxy S11 series is commercially released, which is perhaps the most surprising rumor so far.

Samsung Foldable Phone Camera

Considering that Huawei Mate X is still difficult to achieve after the announcement in February and the recent delay of Motorola Razr in 2019. It seems completely utopian in anticipation that Samsung can release its second foldable device from now During the month, there are large numbers around the world.

Although South Korea-based Yonhap News Agency did not mention anything about launching inventory in its latest report on the matter, Samsung is not only going to fold mid-February for its job in the US sophomore. Provide more details and sell this redesigned foldable phone immediately after the announcement.

Even though we are only talking about the limited amount available in the United States and South Korea by the end of February 2020, given Samsung’s own first-generation Galaxy Fold issues that have caused delays time after time.

This will be an impressive shift. In the end, this versatile and ultra-expensive device was released in dozens of countries with fully functional form. It is natural to expect that the second-generation products will be more extensive and faster rollout.

Besides, the second variant may have been in production long before the first generation of the Galaxy Fold was stabilized, so Samsung will likely be able to resolve all issues in time for the commercial debut in February 2020.

Samsung is taking a different approach here than the objectively cool but challenging Galaxy Fold design, but it is unclear whether it will also be renamed.

Now, many reports are suggesting the fact that the second Galaxy Fold generation may come out in late 2020 instead of February, which means that this long-rumored and recently leaked clamshell model may carry a different label.

The price is far more important than the name, but unfortunately, the latest forecast requires the number to be “about $ 1,000”. This is better than the original Galaxy Fold version’s tag of around $ 2,000 but much worse than the price of around $ 800 reported by Korean media a few weeks ago.

At the same time, you must admit that this is a more reasonable estimate, which also makes us hope that Samsung can beat the resurrected mid-range Razr in terms of processing power and other key specifications.

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