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Samsung will Release on its own version of Apple AirDrop Feature

Apple AirDrop Feature

South Korean smartphone and electronic device maker Samsung may roll out the Quick File Transfer feature for its users next month. Let us tell you that this step of Samsung can be called a step taken to challenge the rival company Apple making premium smartphones.

Currently, only Apple’s iPhone and other devices have fast file transfer facilities. This feature is known as Apple AirDrop.

With the help of Apple AirDrop, photos, videos, files, etc. can be transferred to Apple devices faster through Wi-Fi and wireless connectivity. Samsung has also made preparations to bring this feature found in Apple devices in February.

Apple AirDrop Feature

Recently, there was also news that Chinese smartphone maker company like Xiaomi, Vivo, OPPO, OnePlus is also going to develop features similar to Apple AirDrop.

According to the report by XDA Developers, Samsung can introduce its feature under the name of Quick Share. Through this feature, faster file transfer can be done between Galaxy smartphones.

Like Apple AirDrop, users will have the option that they can restrict users from sending files. That is, without the consent of the users, the file cannot be transferred via Quick Share to their device.

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          Like Apple AirDrop, users in Samsung Quick Share will have the option to store their files in the cloud. However, in this, users will have a limit that they can store up to 1GB or 2GB only in the cloud.

You may know that Apple Introduced AirDrop with iOS7. Now these file transferring features can be seen in all subsequent operating systems. Quick Share can be used in Samsung devices with the help of NFC based Android Bream feature.

This feature can be rolled out for Android 10 or above devices. However, no official information has been revealed by the company at the moment.

Like Apple AirDrop, peer-to-peer file transfer can be provided through Quick Share. The South Korean company can introduce this feature at the Mobile World Congress MWC 2020 to be held next month.

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