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Samsung will assist you in converting your old Galaxy phone into a smart home sensor

old Galaxy phone

Owners of several phones can download an update that converts the old Galaxy phone into a smart home sensor with some cool features, such as detecting the sound of a crying baby and turning on a lamp when it gets dark.

The software is only for products released in 2018 or later, which is pretty limited, but it is a good, affordable offering that could help people get a bit more use out of their old smartphones.

The software, which was announced earlier this year at CES, is now available in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Korea. The first is an audio sensor, which senses sounds such as a baby screaming, a pet barking or meowing, or a knock at the door.

old Galaxy phone
old Galaxy phone

The other feature is a light level sensor, which will automatically switch on a connected light when the brightness levels in a room fall below a certain threshold.

Galaxy S, Note, and Z series phones released from 2018 are approved if they have Android 9 or higher. Samsung expects that more devices will be supported in the future, more devices will depend on the budget, and owners will be less likely to replace devices. Unless features are limited, you can do a lot with your old phone if you don’t mind the DIY approach.

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