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Samsung seems to be attracting new Tile competitors

Samsung seems to be about to launch a new Tile-like device to track lost items. The tracker (probably called Galaxy SmartTag) has been leaking for the past month, and there are speculations that it may be released with the Galaxy S21 in late January.

Galaxy SmartTag uses Bluetooth to connect with nearby devices and broadcast its location, so if the owner misplaced the accessory, you can find it later.

According to regulatory documents discovered by GSMArena, it will be powered by a replaceable button battery, so when the battery runs out, you don’t have to throw it away and buy a new battery.

Samsung’s tracker sounds a lot like Tile, and it looks a lot like it. The leak revealed that SmartTag is a small square with rounded corners and a hole on one edge for passing a keychain or lanyard.

91mobiles released the photos of the device submitted to Taiwan’s telecommunications regulator and aligned with the illustration of the gadget leaked in the Samsung SmartThings application.

So far, it is not clear that Samsung has made a difference in this regard it seems to be a very standard fare tracker. Samsung released a tracker in 2018, which is connected to the mobile phone network for continuous tracking.

Recently, Samsung launched an app in October that can help owners of their devices use Bluetooth to locate existing devices, which seems to be the basis for the upcoming SmartTag.

In most cases, this seems to be bad news for Tile, because there are rumors that Apple is also developing a project tracker. If both devices are actually on sale, it may mean that there will be two major new competitors within a year.

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