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Samsung S20 Series Rumored to Launch on March 13

Samsung S20 Series

Samsung S20 series will meet with us soon, and the time of pre-sale and official sale is also exposed for the first time on the Internet. According to a report from the French website frandroid, the Samsung S20 series will start pre-sale on the day of the conference, but it will not be available on the French market until March 13.

In terms of price, the standard version of the Samsung S20 starts at about 900 euros, while the flagship Samsung S20 Ultra will cost as much as 1,300 euros.

According to French media frandroid information from multiple sources, the Samsung S20 series will start accepting reservations on the day it is released on February 11, but it will take almost a month, that is, March 13 in France.

The French media also stated that its source also confirmed that the prices of three new models of the Samsung S20 series previously disclosed by XDA website editor @Max Weinbach are true.

Samsung S20 Series

The starting price of the standard version of the Samsung S20 in France will be around 900 euros, while the Samsung S20 + will be sold at about 1050 euros. As for the flagship, The price of the S20 Ultra will be as high as 1,300 euros.

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          Samsung S20 series has official support page exposure confirmed 4G version will be launched, and according to French media frandroid report, 4G versions of Samsung S20 and S20 + will be 100 euros cheaper than 5G version, but Samsung S20 Ultra only 5G version.

However, according to previous disclosures from internal channels, the Samsung S20 series National Bank supports 5G networks across the board, and no 4G version will be sold in the Asian market.

News from Samsung’s internal channels also revealed that the Samsung S20 Series National Bank is tentatively officially launched on February 18. Among them, Samsung S20 and S20 + will be the sole agent of Shenzhen Tianyin, while Samsung S20 Ultra will be sold exclusively by Shenzhen.

Galaxy S20

In terms of color styles, the Samsung S20 Ultra is only available in black and gray, while the Samsung S20 + has three colors: black, gray, and blue. As for the Samsung S20, it will be available in three versions: blue, gray, and pink.

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         The three new models of the Samsung S20 series will be equipped with 6.2-inch, 6.7-inch and 6.9-inch digging full screens, all supporting 2K resolution and 240Hz touch sampling rate, although the 120Hz refresh rate previously reported was only available at FHD + resolution.

According to the rumors, there is still news that the Samsung S20 series is likely to support a 120K refresh rate at 2K resolution.

Samsung S20 will be 8GB / 12GB + 128GB / 256GB storage combination, Samsung S20 + will add a 512GB capacity version on this basis, while Samsung S20 Ultra will start with 12GB of memory, high-profile version with 16GB of memory, also provides 128GB / 256GB / 512GB storage capacity.

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