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Samsung Note 20 Ultra: Is it a phablet for mobile phone lovers?

Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Samsung brand loyalists usually belong to one of the following two camps: those who like the Galaxy S series and those who like the Galaxy Note series. But this year may be different. Because the latest Note device-the Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra released last week-is not only a mobile phone enthusiast but also a phablet enthusiast.

Note20 Ultra will not only attract the attention of audiophiles. It is also a powerful smartphone, and its additional function is a convenient, powerful built-in pen that can be used for work and entertainment.If it is not obvious, you will tilt the S series.

Of course, You do like Note’s signature S Pen and appreciate the innovation Samsung has brought to it. However, every summer, when you started evaluating the latest Note devices, you couldn’t help but notice that the integrated S Pen would force design compromises.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra

In particular, the Note has always been thicker, heavier, and more power-hungry than its predecessor S series.

But not this time. When the Note20 Ultra was evaluated two weeks ago, you immediately noticed how lightweight it is. What’s impressive is that it is actually thinner and lighter than the S20 Ultra. And, as You can see, it has a good start-up battery life.

Samsung Note20 Ultra is very Slim. how about it?

Of course, Samsung has not changed the design focus of its flagship phone lineup. Rather, it is more about the timing of technological advancements and how they intersect with the cadence of Samsung’s flagship phone releases. However, for whatever reason, Note20 Ultra is the best opportunity for S series fans to possibly have to look at the Note series.

For most of us, the rise of 5G means that we are on the cusp of faster, more responsive connections. But for smartphone engineers, the next generation of cellular standards presents considerable design challenges.

On the one hand, compared to LTE radios, 5G modems consume more power and generate more heat. Similarly, the design and placement of the antenna also add another new obstacle, especially for high-speed millimeter-wave frequency bands.

To overcome these obstacles, the first batch of 5G phones that went on the market last year was taller, thicker, and heavier than 4G phones. For example, the three LTE Galaxy S10s launched by Samsung in 2019 continues to develop towards thinner and lighter smartphones.

Samsung Note 20 Ultra

But Samsung’s first 5G device, the Galaxy S10 5G, bucked the trend. It weighs 198 grams and has a thickness of 7.94 mm, while the largest LTE device in the series, S10+, has a thickness of 175 grams and a thickness of 7.8 mm.

Interestingly, Samsung’s first 5G-enabled phablet, Note10+, is almost the same size as S10 5G, even with the addition of S Pen. Therefore, Samsung seems to be moving towards miniaturization.

But when the full 5G S20 series was released in February, the top S20 Ultra was even thicker and heavier than Note10+. why?

Samsung introduced another innovation in the S20 series: an advanced camera system with four lenses, including 48MP zoom and 108MP wide-angle lens. This requires its own space.

Given the impressive physique of Note20 Ultra for 5G devices, it seems that Samsung’s engineers have now put their hands on 5G and new camera design, and are back on the road to miniaturization again.

Therefore, if there is a historical record, you can expect the next marquee mobile phone-S30 Ultra to be thinner and lighter than S20 Ultra or Note20 Ultra. Everything will connect with the world.

This also means that unless there is a perfect storm of innovation and timing, we may never find a more fashionable Note device than its S series predecessors.

Note20 may change phone priority personnel

If you are a mobile phone-first product that has always been curious about S Pen, then this may be a rare opportunity without sacrificing anything. Fashionable and comfortable. The photo and video options are impressive. The display is beautiful. And the battery life is great. 

Of course, this S Pen is the most powerful. I have used the gesture function to demonstrate PowerPoint, and I have edited and marked the document written on the screen. It works better on the big screen.

With Samsung’s integrated Windows platform DeX, you can connect to the monitor wirelessly with just one click. Upon completion, you will get a PC-style workspace-containing Microsoft Office applications. But be careful S series fans. Note20 Ultra may change your loyalty.

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