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Samsung may start putting ads into a user interface (UI)

Samsung New Ads UI

There are new rumors that Samsung may bring One UI ads on some of its phones. The source of the rumor was the image of the advertisement that was allegedly displayed on the Samsung lock screen.

Samsung’s competitor Xiaomi has placed ads on mobile phones to reduce costs. Samsung is likely to ask the same thing.

Samsung New Ads UI

There are rumors on the Internet (helped by Tizen) that Samsung is at least trying to introduce One UI ads to some of its mobile phone ideas. The revenue from these ads can help offset the rising cost of smartphones.

The source of the rumor was the image shared by the reader and Tizen Help. Allegedly, the picture comes from the leaked One UI 2.5 version, which is the next expected version of Samsung’s popular Android skin.

Check out the picture below, which shows a very attractive ad on the lock screen of an unnamed Samsung phone:

Samsung New UI Ads

The ad above is on the timer. The user needs to click on the One UI advertisement or wait 15 seconds until the timer counts down to unlock the phone. Allegedly, advertisements were also found in Samsung branded apps.

Samsung’s competitor Xiaomi has already done this on many devices, and it is generally unpopular worldwide. However, Xiaomi’s entry-level price is much lower than Samsung’s price on most similar devices, which is why many people like it and make transactions.

If Samsung launches a UI ad but does not lower its price, the brand’s appearance may be bad.

Although we don’t know if Samsung will do this at all, likely, Samsung will not place One UI ads on its flagship phones. Instead, this may only apply to Galaxy A and Galaxy M series phones that offer competitive specifications and features at a low price.

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