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Samsung may just spill the beans on the next earbud

Samsung earbuds

We kind of like beans. The bean shape of Galaxy Buds Live is very reasonable! However, although it seemed like a joke at first, Samsung internally called it a bean and even printed the word on the circuit.

Today, Indonesia’s telecommunications certification agency revealed that the company has a new set of “Galaxy Buds Pro” earbuds (via MySmartPrice), waiting for the wings to arrive, and SamMobile may have revealed the expected news: a source said that the seal The in-ear headphones have the same design as the early Galaxy Buds+ and until now have they feature active noise reduction and “improved ambient mode”, allowing you to hear more surrounding sounds.

Samsung earbuds

This makes sense because the bean-shaped Galaxy Buds Live was original designed to provide a comfortable outdoor fit, and they mainly suffer because Samsung can only provide so much audio quality (noise cancellation) without ears seal.

In theory, Galaxy Buds Pro may be more effective in both ways, and the improved environment mode allows you to still get one of the advantages of open-air audio.

We hope that they will keep pace with Apple’s AirPods Pro, and perhaps with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21 phones. We expect this news to be announced in January, so buds may also arrive at that time. As MySmartPrice pointed out, they now seem to have cleared several different regulators, so they may not be far apart.

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