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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: First Affordable Folding Screen Phone

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung suggesting that a new generation of folding phone Samsung Galaxy Z Flip may be released at the same time on the day of the conference. According to the currently leaked product information, unlike the Galaxy Fold horizontal screen folding released last year, the Galaxy Z Flip will use a vertical folding method.

Last year we have seen this form of the product appearance, and that is the RAZR released by Motorola. We can see that in recent years, most mobile phone manufacturers have made articles on mobile phone screens. Last year’s folding screen was indeed amazing.

At the same time, we can see that the folding screen cannot be popularized. At present, in terms of price and technology, it can only be considered a concept product.

According to the current breaking information, the specifications of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip are rough as follows:

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  • 6.7-inch vertical folding screen, possibly with flexible glass
  • Two rear cameras
  • 10-megapixel front camera
  • Two batteries, one of which is 900mAh (the other is unknown)
  • Concealed hinges to prevent dust from entering.

            Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has previously revealed that it will use six cameras, and the latest disclosure shows that it will only use three cameras.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

From the circulating preview, we can see that the front will use a hole-cutting screen at the top of the screen, while two A camera is located on the back of the phone.

The dual camera on the back allows us to take selfies in the folded state and can be used as the main camera when opened.

According to industry analysts, the flip-type is one of the ways to make foldable phones cheaper, which has made it acceptable and popular for the general public. Therefore, the Galaxy Z Flip is more affordable than other folding screens, such as its Galaxy Fold.

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          There is currently speculation that the price will be between $ 800 and $ 2,000 if Samsung wants to build a mobile phone that ordinary people can afford, the price-setting cannot reach $ 2,000.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Cheaper

According to the “Korean Herald” report, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is priced at $ 850. Compared to the same form of motorcycle RAZR, this price has already made many people willing to pay for it.

We know that little about the Galaxy Z Flip. For example, we don’t know its processor, memory and camera parameters. The battery design and capacity are still unknown, and whether the phone is waterproof or whether it supports 5G network standards has not been disclosed.

We want to discuss different attempts in the form of folding screens. In recent years, mobile phone manufacturers have also explored more on the screen. For example, the positive and negative dual-screen mode, such as YOTA Phone, was used to display normal colors.

Since last year, the exploration of the screen has become bold. Huawei and Samsung have launched their own folding screen phones. Xiaomi has also made bold innovations to create a concept phone with almost all screens. It can be seen from these trends that people will never meet the size of the screen, as long as you can find ways to make the screen larger without affecting portability.

Folding Screen Problem

However, we can also recognize that the large screen expansion on small devices is still in the initial stage. As the most effective way to expand the screen, there are still many problems with the folding screen. Because the flexible screen cannot be folded perfectly, the folding screen phone There is still a fatal problem, and that is creases.

Mobile phone manufacturers have not stopped further development of folding screens due to technical problems. Samsung ’s Galaxy Fold will not disappear because of the appearance of the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Galaxy Z Flip is just another form of Samsung ’s folding screen. When the horizontal screen folding cannot reduce the price and cost to consumers, the Galaxy Z Flip can control the cost. It is undoubtedly a product for the general public.

The effect of this product on Samsung’s opening of the folding screen market is naturally self-evident. As consumers, we are also happy to see more innovative and low-priced mobile phone products appear, which makes mobile phones that would be stuck in the water again.

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