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Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 models are up to 38 percent off

Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 is the best non-Apple smartwatch available, but it costs as much as or more than Apple’s Watch at around $400. Both the Bluetooth and LTE versions are now $150 off at Amazon, Best Buy, and Samsung, which is close to the lowest price we’ve seen.

The 41mm Bluetooth Watch 3 in gold or silver costs $250, while the LTE version costs $300. (also in silver or gold). If you need a larger watch, the 45mm version costs $280 and $330, respectively, for the Bluetooth and LTE models.

As we noted in our Engadget review, the Galaxy Watch 3 is noticeably thinner and lighter than its predecessor, though it’s still quite chunky when compared to an Apple Watch.

Galaxy Watch 3
Galaxy Watch 3

The rotating bezel has a pleasant feel to it and provides quick access to a variety of functions, while Samsung’s Tizen user interface is simple and straightforward.

Fall detection, a built-in electrocardiogram (ECG), a heart-rate monitor, an accelerometer, and other features are included.

These can assist you in keeping track of your sleep by telling you how much time you spend in REM and other stages of sleep. Improved activity tracking, a new running coach feature, and clever activity suggestions are also included.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch with Advanced Health

SAMSUNG Galaxy Watch 3 (41mm, GPS, Bluetooth) Smart Watch

If you can’t decide between an activity tracker and a smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a good choice because it excels at both.

The fact that it’s on sale on three different websites should make it relatively easy to get your hands on one — just keep in mind that Samsung’s most prominent pricing requires the trade-in of a phone, tablet, or watch. If you don’t have one of these, choose “no trade-in” to get the real price.

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