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Samsung Galaxy S20 is the Biggest Beneficiary Smartphone

Galaxy S20

The latest news, Samsung S series Samsung S20 will be officially released in February 2020. The new flagship phones not only have major upgrades in terms of performance, photos, battery life, fast charge, and screen but also began to make articles on the naming method: In 2020, the name of the S-series flagship phone is the Galaxy S20 series, including three phones. : GalaxyS20, GalaxyS20 + and Galaxy S20 Ultra.

Compared with the Samsung S10 series, the hardware improvement of the Samsung S20 series is huge. In terms of performance: The National Bank of China comes standard with Snapdragon 865 processor, supports dual-mode 5G network, and the world’s first LPDDR5 operational storage specification, bringing more powerful performance and higher-speed network experience.

Samsung S20

In terms of the screen: the screen ratio is more slender (20: 9), the refresh rate is upgraded to 120Hz, and Samsung’s own Super AMOLED screen brings a smoother and more comfortable user experience.

In terms of battery life: Thanks to the latest PMP battery packaging technology, the battery capacity has been greatly improved. Among them, the Galaxy S20Ultra battery capacity has been upgraded to about 5000 mph, a standard 25W charger, or a 45W fast charge solution.


Camera: The main camera is upgraded to the latest 108MP camera, with a periscope camera, which supports 5x optical zoom and 100x digital zoom. Such an upgrade is unprecedented for Samsung S-series phones.

In order to better marketing and publicity, Samsung not only named the new flagship S20 series but also adjusted the name of each product.

The specific adjustment method is this: The Galaxy S10e is upgraded to Galaxy 20, the Galaxy S10 is upgraded to Galaxy 20+, and the Galaxy S10 + is upgraded to Galaxy 20 Ultra.

The change in the naming method has given consumers a new feeling: from the previous small cups, medium cups and large cups to medium cups, large cups, and extra-large cups.

Take the simplest example: when we see the Samsung S10e, iPhone XR and iPhone SE, the first impression of the name is not authentic, inferior to Samsung S10, iPhone XS, and iPhone6S.

Galaxy S20

When Apple realized this, it named the iPhone 11 series: iPhone11, iPhone11 Pro, and iPhone11 Pro Max. According to the latest news, iPhone SE2 will be renamed iPhone9, returning to the orthodox digital series.

Regarding the reinstalled Samsung S20 series, the Samsung S20 series has undergone huge upgrades in product hardware and naming methods. The hardware upgrade will have a great impact on the mobile phone industry because Samsung’s flagship has always been a booth for its own supply chain products.

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The reputation of the Samsung S20 series in east Asia should be improved, but sales are hard to say. The reason is simple: most consumers in East Asia have been attracted by cost-effectiveness, and non-cost-effective mobile phones are difficult to re-emerge in the domestic market. What do you think of the Samsung S20 series?

Source: Weibo Technology News

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