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Samsung Galaxy S11 Secret Weapon Revealed with Crazy New Feature

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Samsung Galaxy S11 Secret Weapon Revealed with Crazy New Feature

The Samsung Galaxy S11 could come with incredible features but the Galaxy S11 is still about 5 to 6 months away from being announced. The very first rumors are already viral here that’s hardly surprising for a Samsung flagship.

           Samsung may be developing a very new kind of technology for its next-generation handsets. The Galaxy S11 is excepted to new feature a better camera system that will be incorporate a 108 MP camera and it could support 5x optical zoom.

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         The new remarkable feature that will let you measure everything from how dehydrated you are to how to sugar in fruit and much more because Samsung is working on this features that aren’t available from its main competitors with included Apple.

Samsung Galaxy S11

           Rumors Samsung S11 phone might include a complex five-lens camera system with a periscope lens for better zoom as well as the new spectrometer.

         Samsung might also use the new technology its very own alternative to Face ID as a based on the contents of the patent but there is no guarantee that the IR spectrometer will make it into the next-generation Galaxy S handset.

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         The Samsung Galaxy S11 should lunch next February 2020 and it might become the first widely-available handset to make use an advanced component.

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