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Samsung Galaxy S10:Rumors

The Samsung Galaxy S10 leaked images that’s fully confirmed. it’s a 5.8 inch edge display if you look on the sides it’s an edge display with extremely less side bezels. The front camera has a black circle around. It to avoid the display light coming into the camera. it’s gonna have an animation when launching the camera when it’s doing facial recognition and users will be able to swipe on the circle to launch.

The camera if they won’t so we can see the earpiece as well. The display goes all the way up compared to the S9. It is definitely a huge huge improvement then towards the bottom we got a chin that is actually on the level of the iPhone X and Oppo Find X but since the bezels on the top and the slides are extra less the chin does stand out a bit.  

The hottest Galaxy S10 model at least for the stack that there will be a reverse wireless charging feature on the Galaxy S10. So we have an arrest charging feature that will allow the S10 to charge other handset and watches wire-less. 

It’s definitely going to happen and with this it’s the confirmation that all these destined models will have a bigger battery size. The display size is a 5.8 inch screen. The icons are blurred for obvious reasons. We can still see the swipe gesture navigation implemented on the bottom. It shows one UI is up and running on Galaxy S10.

It looks even better in real life compared to any other renders out there. It’s not the best look that we were expecting. it is a blurry and all that but still it confirms every single detail that we wanted to see now. The S10 has special color finish and eyes universe explains that it’s more than just a gradient finish of some kind. it’s actually going to be a solid lustrous finish color and it looks pretty attractive.

So finally another good news that we have here is the beta for Android 9.0 UI is coming on the galaxy S8 and Note 8 family so you won’t have to wait till February to get the taste. Anyways Samsung Galaxy S10 is looking pretty good.

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