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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leak hints at another coveted price tag

Galaxy S20 Note

If you want the price of the Galaxy Note 20 to be as high or lower than the price of the Note 10, you may be disappointed. Online writers claim that the price of the Note 20 series is European, so you may have to pay a premium for the latest version of the pen-style smartphone.

According to reports, the LTE version of the basic Note 20 with 256GB of storage space starts at 999 Euros, while the 5G version starts at 1,099 Euros.

Therefore, you may pay a higher price for the large screen and high-end camera of the Note 20 Ultra. The version with 5G and 256GB storage space (no mention of the LTE model) starts at 1349 Euros while increasing the storage space to 512GB raises the price to 1,449 Euros.

  • The leak indicates that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 series starts at 999 Euros in Europe.
  • You may expect to pay more for 5G and Ultra models.
  • The Galaxy Buds Live starts at 189 euros.

Galaxy S20 Note

For example, the Galaxy S20 equipped with LTE and 128GB storage space is currently priced at 876 Euros in Germany, while the S20 Ultra equipped with 5G and 128GB storage space is 1,315 Euros. Note 10 starts at 925 Euros and Note 10 Plus is priced at 1,071 Euros.

The price leak also brought the price of Galaxy Buds Live to 189 euros, compared to 165 euros earlier this year.

These prices are not necessarily equal to the prices in the United States. In addition to tax differences (all these European prices will include VAT) and currency value changes, Samsung may also adjust price tags based on market conditions.

If Samsung raises prices, this is not entirely surprising. The S20 series has obvious advantages over the S10 series, and Note 20 may undergo major changes in its camera, memory, and storage.

It is believed that Buds Live includes a built-in fitness tracking function, which was lacking in earlier Galaxy Buds models. However, if the Galaxy Note series has exceeded your bank account limit, the price increase may be painful.

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