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Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Review: Officially Announced

Samsung Galaxy Flex

Samsung Electronics released a promotional video of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex notebook on YouTube, showing the core selling points of the new product’s design, interactive upgrades, innovative features, etc., showing Samsung’s technological innovation and attracting consumers. Attention to this flagship product.

According to industry sources, this Samsung Galaxy Book Flex notebook was unveiled again at the CES 2020 show. As for sales, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex has been opened for pre-order in Korea. The Galaxy Book Flex should be available worldwide soon. It’s better to have a taste with the editors. The innovative breakthrough brought by this Galaxy Book Flex!

This new machine is available in two sizes: 13.3-inch Galaxy Book Flex 13 and 15.6-inch Galaxy Book Flex 15. Specifically, the Galaxy Book Flex uses an all-aluminum metal body, which has higher strength and effectively reduced the weight of the body.

It is worth mentioning that the metal material with matte spray paint is more textured, and presents a high-level sense both visually and to the touch.

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Looking at the details, the Galaxy Book Flex has superb diamond-cut edges on the sides. With a smooth and flat cutting surface, combined with the finely polished metal texture, the Galaxy Book Flex feels lighter and more luxurious.

Galaxy Flex Fold

At the same time, the Galaxy Book Flex has a very good weight control, only 1.16kg (13.3 inches) / 1.52kg (15.6 inches), which is much thinner and thinner than similar notebook products.

Not only that, but the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex also takes into account battery life while being thin and light. A typical 69.7Wh battery can last up to 20 hours (13.3 inches). Besides, the Galaxy Book Flex also has a 360 ° flip screen, which is easy to use in a variety of scenarios.

The world’s first QLED display + 10th Intel Processors

In addition to the face value, Samsung Galaxy Book Flex’s breakthrough in strength is even more amazing. This time, the Galaxy Book Flex brings industry-leading upgrades in both screen display and core performance!

The Galaxy Book Flex is equipped with a 13.3-inch / 15.6-inch QLED FHD touch-sensitive display, and it is also the world’s first laptop with a QLED display. Judging from the video, the Galaxy Book Flex screen is full of color and rich in detail, which is vivid and vivid whether you watch videos or browse pictures.

Samsung Galaxy Flex

To create a more immersive display effect, the Galaxy Book Flex narrows the bezel as much as possible, and the surrounding bezels are only 3.9mm (13.3 inches) /4.9mm (15.6 inches). The high screen ratio brings excellent visual impact.

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Besides, the Galaxy Book Flex equipped with a QLED screen can also stimulate 600 nits of screen brightness. Based on this, Samsung has developed an outdoor mode for the Galaxy Book Flex, which makes outdoor use clearer and more comfortable.

The Galaxy Book Flex is powered by the latest Intel 10th generation Core i5 / i7 processors, with powerful performance. As you can see from the video, the Galaxy Book Flex clip video is smooth and not stuttered! It is important to emphasize that the Galaxy Book Flex was one of the first laptops to pass the Intel Athena program validation.

S Pen Floating Gesture + Wireless Charging Sharing

The Galaxy Book Flex also adds several innovations. The S Pen floating gesture mentioned in the video, Samsung DeX mobile computer connection, and wireless charging sharing function are very impressive.

Galaxy Book Flex SPen

For example, the video shows the operations of the S Pen floating gesture four times, flipping photos, displaying PPT, and adjusting the volume, etc., which greatly leverages the advantages of the S Pen.

Besides, the S Pen also added a voice memo quick-open function, which allows users to take notes while recording, killing two birds with one stone.

The Samsung DeX feature of the Galaxy Book Flex may easily connect your phone to your computer, making file transfers more convenient. As shown in the video: When the Galaxy Book Flex is connected to the phone, file transfer can be completed with a single swipe, helping to work efficiently.

The Galaxy Book Flex can also enable mobile mirroring, and use the mouse and keyboard to operate the mobile phone on the PC side, which is conducive to the concentration of study/work.

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The Galaxy Book Flex touchpad also innovatively adds wireless charging sharing. Just place a device (phone, watch, headset, bracelet, etc.) that supports wireless charging on it to charge. This function is especially suitable for emergency use when going out, and you can recharge the device without needing to find a data cable.


Through the above review, I believe you have a preliminary understanding of the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex. Whether it is the design, the world ’s first QLED display, the blessing of the tenth generation of Intel ’s latest processor, or the S Pen floating gesture, wireless charging sharing, all make the Galaxy Book Flex extremely competitive.

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