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Samsung Display will develop scrollable and sliding screens in 2021

new foldable samsung 2021 baseread

LG and Oppo have both mocked or demonstrated smartphones with scrollable displays in recent months, but it seems that another major player may be entering the market.

Kwon-Young Choi, senior vice president of Samsung Display, confirmed on the earnings call (h/t: Elec) that it will “strengthen our position in the display market through innovative forms such as rollable and sliding displays.”

The executive did not confirm whether these screens are indeed suitable for smartphones, but Samsung filed patents for rollable phones similar to those of Oppo and LG as early as 2019. See the LetsGoDigital rendering in the main image above.

new foldable samsung 2021 baseread

The Korean manufacturer also applied for a patent related to mobile phones with sliding displays. More specifically, a patent filed in 2019 shows a screen that slides down to the back of the device, and the top shows a selfie camera and other sensors.

Another patent filed last year showed a mobile phone more like the Nokia N95, which can slide up and down and has a rear screen.

New Samsung display baseread

Since Samsung’s display department may theoretically develop this technology for other manufacturers, there is no guarantee that Samsung itself will release a rollable or sliding phone. But the patent documents clearly indicate that Samsung is considering these display types, so if we see Samsung phones adopting this technology, we won’t be surprised.

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