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Samsung Announces Affordable Phones: Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51

Samsung Electronics announced the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51, the newest devices of the Galaxy A series of products. The Galaxy A71 and A51 are designed to make a meaningful innovative, awesome mobile experience and affordable price for everyone.

The new upgraded features: longer battery life to keep up with your busy lifestyle, smarter cameras help you capture the world as seen and the Infinity-O display provides an uninterrupted visual experience from these upcoming new mid-range phones for everyone.

Galaxy A51

Samsung is pleased to be able to establish a successful Galaxy A product portfolio with the Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51. Since its launch last year, the Galaxy A series has become one of the most popular smartphone series.

The new Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 continue to provide the basic innovations that people love. Samsung knows that people want a device that looks good, lasts longer, and captures every experience, and the company proud to continue to meet these needs with the latest Galaxy A devices.

Advanced Camera Experience

The Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 are equipped with four top cameras to capture the most important moments in life. The Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 feature the main camera, ultra-wide-angle, macro, and depth cameras combined with smart features that allow you to capture almost any experience with crisp details and stunning scale.

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The main camera uses the 64-megapixel camera on the Galaxy A71 and the 48-megapixel camera on the Galaxy A51 to capture beautiful images. This camera can take clear and vivid photos, you can take the best photos no matter day or night.

The super wide-angle camera has a 123o-degree lens, which can provide you with the same field of view as the human eye. If you need to shoot, the smart switch function Samsung recommends “wide-angle shooting” and automatically turns it on for you.

Galaxy A71

Macro cameras place objects in sharp focus to capture every last detail, while depth cameras use live focus to make your subject stand out.

Uninterrupted Visual Display

The Galaxy A71 offers Super AMOLED Plus, and the Galaxy A51 offers Super AMOLED edge-to-edge Infinity-O displays. The display is 6.7 inches or 6.5 inches in size and offers a vast immersive experience-forget the world around you and watch your favorite shows or games on one of Samsung’s largest screens.

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High-Quality Video Recording

With Super Steady Video, you can now capture smooth, stable videos in any adventure. Super Steady Video eliminates camera shake when you are shooting video of moving objects, even when you are moving. Whether you are running, hiking or chasing pets, Super Steady Video can help you capture the moment perfectly.

Powerful Battery Life

The Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 are equipped with large batteries of 4,500 mAh and 4,000 mAh, respectively, so you can use them all day long. Galaxy smartphones have fast charging capabilities of 25W and 15W, so you wo n’t leave the phone for a long time if you need to increase the charging capacity.

The Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 also have access to Samsung’s smart application and service ecosystem, including Bixby (vision, lens mode, routines), Samsung Pay, Samsung Health. These devices are also protected by Samsung Knox, a defense-grade security platform.

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