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Rocket Lab’s 20th Electron mission ends with 2nd stage failure

The Rocket Lab failed its second launch in a year. The company said that shortly after the second phase was ignited, its 20th electronic flight mission (“running out of toes”) suffered an “anomaly” and lost the aircraft and BlackSky’s Earth observation satellite payload.

The staff is still investigating the cause, although the video (below) indicates that the second stage may have been closed as part of the automatic failure response. The first phase fell in the ocean as expected, and Rocket Lab hopes to recover the aircraft. The second stage continues along its expected flight corridor, posing no risk to anyone.

Rocket Lab
Rocket Lab

CEO Peter Beck apologized to BlackSky and promised that Rocket Lab will find out why. He said the team plans to “return to the scene safely” as soon as possible. As always, Rocket Lab has produced multiple cars and may not face long delays.

After the Rocket Lab failed in July 2020, it only took a few weeks to resume flying. So far, Rocket Lab has achieved great success, and its 17 missions have reached orbit. However, the latest issue of the publication will not help the company in the short term, which reminds people that regardless of their engineering skills, aerospace startups tend to encounter problems in the early stages-it took SpaceX many years to solve the problem of reusable rocket technology.

Flaws, a few months ago, before the Starship spacecraft landed, the launch failed for several months. Rocket Lab had to resolutely solve the difficulties in the past and may need to be further improved.

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