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Roblox uses content ratings to restrict access to sexual content


The creators of Roblox have taken additional steps to remove sexual content from the eyes and ears of young players. Remy Malan, VP of Trust and Safety at Roblox Corporation, told the Wall Street Journal that they are developing Roblox content ratings to help parents limit the games their children can play on the platform.

This gives you a lot more control than existing approaches. In other words, the company limits children to a few games that they think are appropriate for their age.

Maran did not say when the rating system will appear but added that it will be easier to find and use parental controls.


These efforts recognize that sexual content on Roblox is more important and potentially more dangerous than observing explicit behavior or eavesdropping on inspiring conversations.

Many participants in sex-themed games are simply looking for a way out, but you may encounter deceiving or angry players. Parents can use ratings to restrict access to certain content until their child is ready.

Useful efforts even if the master control is very strong. Adults don’t use tools. And it’s very important for Roblox. More than half the user is less than 13 years old.

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