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Ring offers end-to-end encryption around the world


Ring’s secure video transmission solution has left technical preview to become widely available to all US customers and is now rolling out globally. Ring can’t access your video footage even if it wanted to because their opt-in feature restricts the ability to view video feeds to only iOS and Android devices.

You can figure out which company cameras are compatible with the encryption feature on company’s website, as well as follow the steps for setting up end-to-end encryption. A company page mentions that its battery-powered video doorbells and cameras do not support end-to-end encryption.

Ring is an end-to-end encryption solution available worldwide

Enabling end-to-end encryption helps customers who want to prevent company from accessing their video footage – for example, enabling it ensures that company won’t turn over captured videos to law enforcement. A tech preview of Ring’s video encryption was launched in January after the company issued its first announcement in September 2020.

The company is adding new features along with its end-to-end encryption to help users protect their accounts. Company now offers an authenticator app that is more secure than SMS for users who require two-step verification for their account. Similarly, company’s Neighbors app is also rolling out CAPTCHA, preventing spammers and bots from accessing the account.

A used company device can also be transferred more easily to another member. Right now, you must call Ring’s customer service department to transfer ownership of a used device to yourself, but in “coming weeks,” it will be possible to do it through the Ring app.

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