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Research Experts at MIT have Developed ultra-mini encrypted RFID chips


The built-in product used to identify authenticity is one of the uses of RFID. However, current RFID is limited by technology and physical limitations, and cannot be smaller than a certain size, so it cannot be used in very small items.

MIT‘s research experts broke the limit this time and created an ultra-small RFID chip with only 1.3 square millimeters. In addition to using light as an energy source for encryption calculations, they also increased the communication frequency to Tetrahertz, Built beam-steering antenna.

The use of advanced encryption technology is one of its key points, which allows it to disclose information only to reading devices with a specific private key, and prevents the content from being sent from being intercepted in the middle.


It’s just that the encrypted function requires extra power to execute, which is why it was not so small before.

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          Naturally, the development experts still have dissatisfaction with it and believe that there are still many areas that need improvement before commercialization. The first is that its current reading distance is only about 5 cm, so it cannot read the contents of the box.

The experts hope to expand it to read in the same room; another problem is it At present, light is used as the source of electricity, so it can only be placed on the surface of the object, and a certain light source is required.

This part of the team hopes to use the Tetrahertz carrier for reading signals as the energy source.

After solving these technical difficulties, it is not a problem to produce this chip. After that, more everyday items must be implanted in RFID chips to identify authenticity!

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