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Reddit now allows you to post multiple photos and GIFs at once

Reddit added a picture library to publish multiple pictures or GIFs on the site at once in a new way. Starting Wednesday, Redditor can now share up to 20 images or GIFs in a single post.

Reddit said that the long-awaited features are requested by various Reddit communities, especially in Style, DIY, and Food subreddit.

Tyler Swartz, senior product manager at Reddit, said in a statement: “Since we added support for image uploads in 2016, image galleries have met the community’s long-term requirements.”

“We are excited about products like photo galleries because they provide Redditors with more ways to interact and share content with their favorite communities, while also making the communities more active and exciting.”

Reddit New Feature

Previously, when Redditors wanted to post multiple images to subreddit, they had to create an Imgur account and share their album on subreddit.

Instead, the image library feature allows users to upload pictures directly to Reddit without using a third party.

The new features are also easy to use. To publish an image library, click the “Create publish” button and select “Image publish” from the tab. Then, you can select up to 20 images or GIFs, rearrange them, and add an optional title of up to 180 characters. You can also choose to add a URL to each image.

The Reddit community must choose to join to use the image library. In addition to photos and GIFs, the new feature also allows videos to be played in the gallery, although Reddit did not specify when it was added.

This is one of the many features introduced on the Internet front page this year, including the AOL-style chat room in April and the poll function in March, which allows users to ask up to six potential answers to questions.

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