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Reddit is quietly rolling out a TikTok-like video feed button for iOS

Reddit has announced a new video feed integrated into its mobile app that would make it easier for users to view content from the network in one location. According to 9To5Mac, the interface looks similar to TikTok, so it’s likely to look familiar.

There is a new button located right next to the search bar where you can access the video feed. When the user taps it, the app displays a list of full-screen videos that can be scrolled vertically.

Those who opened their Reddit app today might have noticed a new video option next to the search bar. Touch it and you can experience TikTok on Reddit. According to TechCrunch, iOS users have started seeing video feeds on Friday that pull posts from subreddits they follow along with some they don’t.

The experience of loading up the feed on my own Reddit iOS app is unavoidably similar to that of TikTok. You can scroll through a vertical, continuous list of videos that feature content from across Reddit. In addition to upvoting and downvoting, interactive features include commenting, “awarding” (purchasing reaction medals and medals with Reddit currency), and sharing.


According to Reddit, iOS users will have a button directly above their search bar – when tapped, the video stream will look like TikTok. Videos can be upvoted or downvoted, comments can be left, awards can be awarded, videos can be shared and upvoted (which highlights the photo of the poster who uploaded the video).

The app provides subscribers with content from subreddits they are subscribed to and related subreddits. Users can swipe up to see more videos similar to TikTok. When you are subscribed to r/printmaking, you might see content from r/pottery or r/bookbinding.

Using videos as an interface isn’t new for Reddit. The company has been testing this format for a year now. This way of watching Reddit videos was previously only accessible when you tapped the video while scrolling through your feed – instead of promoting discovery of other subreddits, the first few videos recommended would come from the same subreddit.

Currently, Reddit doesn’t know when the feature will be rolled out to everyone, but confirmed that this icon first appeared for some users in late July and has been making its way to most iOS users since then. The broader, yet still relevant reddit’s personalised video feed, Reddit is signaling an increased interest in short form video.

TikTok competitor Dubsmash was acquired by Reddit in December 2020. The specifics of the deals haven’t been disclosed, but Snap and Facebook are also rumored to be interested in the platform, which has attracted 1 billion monthly views.

It is unclear whether the new Reddit video player is using an algorithm to suggest subreddits based on activity within subreddits. The company from Reddit confirmed, however, that Dubsmash’s technology will be used in future endeavors, though not this particular product, they added.

A native video platform was launched by Reddit in 2017, which allows users to upload MP4 and MOV files. It then launched RPAN (Reddit Public Access Network), which allows users to livestream to selected subreddits, promoting the most popular streams across the network. A current Reddit user can access 100,000 subreddits with 50 million daily visitors.

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