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Reddit CEO Defends allowing Trump ads before presidential election

Reddit New Feature

Reddit is stepping up preparations to advertise President Donald Trump before the 2020 presidential election. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman addressed some of these employee concerns at a staff meeting last week.

Hoffman stated that Reddit does not tolerate “hate, racism, and violence, and although we are working hard to fight these on the platform, our values ​​are clear.”

Hoffman talked about how he tried to reconcile his personal beliefs with his role as CEO of Reddit. He pointed out the long history of Reddit and Trump, which began in the 2016 election r/The_Donald.

Hoffman said: “Most of our content policy updates are related to them in some form or way, including the latest form or way.”

Hoffman said: “When I think about the role of Reddit going forward and the role we can play in the world, I think the best way to solve many of these problems is actually through the upcoming elections.

Reddit New Feature

Hoffman said: “To ensure the fairness of the election, we can do a lot of things and are doing this. I think we can play a very important role. As I mentioned in my email about the Black Lives Matter two months ago, Later, I shared this in the election. I think that in the election, this is one of the areas where Reddit can rely on and make a difference.”

This means that political ads are allowed. Hoffman explained that these ads are likely to take the form of homepage acquisitions, which are links to the top of the site, rather than display ads in the sidebar.

Besides, Reddit will allow reserved purchases, which will require Trump campaigns to work directly with the sales team. These ads will be annotated to enable users to interact with the ads.

However, what Reddit does not allow is auctions, which previously caused advertisers to fundamentally bombard the entire website with their ads.

As early as April, Reddit announced an update to its political advertising policy, which requires campaigns to comment on ads within the first 24 hours. Reddit is currently working on a different job.

Currently, Reddit allows advertisers to review these comments, but Hoffman said that in this case, this may not be the right move.

He said: “They are either moderately excessive or moderately excessive, both of which will cause disputes.” “And it may be what advertisers want, and this dispute will be directly borne by us. Therefore, this is not a viable solution. .”

Another option for Reddit is to review reviews, but this also brings the risk of controversy. Hoffman talked about the possibility that Reddit may be accused of being too modest or too little.

Hoffman said: “But maybe we can try other methods, so other methods will not directly comment on the ad.” “On the contrary, we will add a link to the sticky comment, encouraging users to submit the ad to a specific community for comment.”

Hoffman said the vision is that people will be able to discuss advertising in specific communities on Reddit. Then, specific communities will host these discussions. However, this feature has not yet been built.

The plan is to start placing political ads at the end of September, and the goal is to start testing this new feature in early September to see if it works.

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